Marcio & Mayda Gonzalez, Senior Pastor

Marcio Gonzalez serves as Senior Pastor of Faith Endeavor Church, located in Tampa FL that he and Thang Pham began pioneering in 2015.  Pastor Marcio had an encounter with Jesus while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City and began his walk with the Lord in November of 1999.  He moved to Tampa, FL in December of 2004 and began interning at Ignite in 2006.  He met his wife Mayda while on staff at the Ignite School of Ministry where they served as Assistant Directors and Bible Institute Principals.  They relocated to Gainesville, FL in 2008 where they helped Pastor Mark Vega revitalize and re-create what is now Ignite Life Center.  In 2011, they responded to God's call to be missionaries in the Philippines where they served at the Emmanuel Bible College in Cebu City as instructors and Chapel Pastors.  After seeing the ever-growing need back in the States, Marcio and Mayda returned home where their daughter Zea Celeste was born and began serving their district as sectional youth coaches and as youth pastors of Light of the World Church in Tampa FL.  They believe that only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring peace and health into a person's life and into the soul of a city.  Pastor Marcio also believes in the creative energy of young people and seeing their potential realized as they work together to love and serve their city in truth and in deed.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
— Henry Ford

Liza Pereira, Worship Director

Liza grew up in a pastoral home and to love God's people and the unchurched is a passion that drives her. Having completed her Bachelor’s degree in Practical Theology, Liza is now pursuing graduate studies in Divinity. Liza met Pastor Marico and Mayda in the summer of 2015 through Thang Pham when Faith Endeavor was only an idea. She has been faithfully serving alongside the FE team since then. She has been involved in ministry at various capacities throughout her life. Liza is a worshipper who is passionate about singing and preaching the word of God. She has had the opportunity to preach at various women’s conferences in Puerto Rico as well as youth events both in around the United States. Her hope is to one day dedicate her life towards full -time ministry.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Thang Pham, bible Study Director

Thang Pham, since the pioneering of Faith Endeavor in 2015, has been serving alongside lead pastor Marcio Gonzalez and wife Mayda Gonzalez. In 2006, he came to know Christ as his Lord and Savior. Discovering his passion for the gospel and his love for people; he has dedicated the past 10 years to loving others and to encourage others in their commitment to Christ . In the Spring of 2012, he began a small bible study alongside a few young adults. As the bible studies progressed, he began to expand his reach. He then felt called to homeless outreach and street ministry. By the Fall of 2012, Thang Pham began what is known today as Kingdom Culture. Which was simply a move that began within the heart of Tampa to love on all people. Kingdom Culture reached a height of hundreds involved by the simple choice to love God and love people.  February of 2014, Thang and a ministry partner released a documentary encompassing mission trips they took throughout the United States in hopes of motivating and awakening the church to a kingdom movement. Since then, he is currently in school pursuing a psychology and theology degree, as well as faithfully being involved within the Tampa community and seeks to continue to partner with Pastor Marcio with the desire to restore hope and life into Tampa, Fl. 


Kevin Olivella, media director

Kevin Olivella was raised in church all his life and has had a heart to see young people move forward in their Godly calling. He met Pastor Marcio as an Ignite Student in 2008 and has ever since worked in youth ministry working in his previous church Light of the World and as Social Media Director for the Assemblies of God Florida Multicultural District. Kevin joined Kingdom Culture working with Thang, serving in Homeless Outreaches all throughout Florida and Disaster Reliefs in other states such as Oklahoma. Kevin has studied 4 years "Theology and Ministerial Leadership" under the Assemblies of God and is currently getting his Business Leadership Degree with Southeastern University. Kevin returned to Ignite School of Ministry in Gainesville, Florida to serve as a staff member for about 2 years to help equip students to be world changers in their generation. He returned to Tampa, FL to help Pastor Marcio and Thang launch what is now Faith Endeavor church. 

Lauren Rosa, Outreach Director

Lauren Rosa came to the Lord when she was fourteen years old and met Pastors Marcio and Mayda Gonzalez in 2007 as an Intern at Ignite. Since then, she had been whole-heartedly serving as a youth leader beside youth pastors of Centro Cristiano Hispano for a total of eight years and counting.  She joined Kingdom Culture and worked alongside Thang Pham to help empower young people to love God and love people and reach out to the homeless community.  Lauren has a heart for people and a calling to the mission’s field as a nurse. She has pursued her RN degree by graduating Nursing School and is working in the Home Health field. She is faithfully serving in the Tampa community under Pastor Marcio and Mayda and Faith Endeavor, until the Lord calls her to "GO".

I invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition.
— Jean Francois Cope